Web App vs Mobile App: Which will benefit your organisation?

by Rebecca

With a couple of interesting Mobile Application projects flying around our studio and traffic from mobiles rising, we felt it was appropriate, as the “go to” digital marketing agency, to advise past, current and future clients on which type of app they may need..

There are two main types of app -

A Native Application (App) is a piece of software that has been developed specifically to perform tasks on a specific mobile device; these tasks can be in a variety of formats and are customisable to suit your brand and requirements. Native Apps are downloadable and can be created using a variety of different platforms depending on how compatible the App needs to be.

A Web App is an application that is available to anyone with an internet connection. These apps can include calendars, document sharing tools etc. Web applications are available by sending a link and do not need downloading (like native apps).

Issues  Native App   Web Apps 
 Security Lower security risk – doesn’t connect to networks as frequently Medium risk – connecting to unmanaged/possibly unsecure networks
 Experience  Faster, more responsive, more modern  Can take a while to load depending on connection
 Internet Access  Not required  Required – except for apps with offline capability
 Updates to App  Must be downloaded/upgraded  Updates any changes when page is refreshed
 Device compatibility  Varies – depends on platform and hardware  Available to any hand held with internet connection
 Graphics  Fast and responsive  Dependant on internet connection
 Distribution App stores require approval before distributing App, possibly a long process No need for approval, launch as you would a website
Outside Access to Content App must be downloaded for information to be accessible Available via links
 Dependence Device Dependent Device Independent
 Cookie Not needed Not recommended

Phews Verdict -

Both platforms are good and both serve different functions. We honestly think it is down to your requirements. Both will improve user experience but -

Native- prestige of being in the apps stores (ITunes and Android Market Place), potentially using features on the phones like cameras and GPS, offline access to information

Web – happy for user to be online to access information, need a quick solution, expect many updates to the application, want to cater for the whole mobile market in one go.

If you would like to know more about Apps please contact a member of the sales team today, +44(0) 1234 779 050.


24th November, 2011 | Services

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