Kick off 2012 with a new Digital Marketing Strategy

by Rebecca

Phew feel, as a top digital marketing agency, that it is our job, to improve how companies communicate with potential clients online. We are therefore making it our mission for 2012 to produce ingenious digital solutions that create value and produce desired results.

Who do we need to complete our mission?

- Organisations that have a website, which needs some TLC.

Your website is live and is ticking along nicely; but when was it last updated? Is it really full off case studies, promoting the benefits of your product or services and giving a true reflection of who your organisation is now?

Whether it’s a complete redesign or just a couple of amends, our marketing team analyse your site and make valuable suggestions on how to enhance it. You won’t pay for the analyse, just the work that’s carried out.

- Organisations that have a website, which is not showing results.

What good is a brilliant website if no one is using it? Your website should be working overtime to attract potential customers, allowing you to turn them into sales. If it’s not, you need a fix, fast.

Our internet consultants are the best of the best, they’re able to spend as long as they need to determine who you are and what your potential customers are searching for. They then use this information to optimise the site and direct the enquires straight to your phone or email.

- Organisations that need to be mobile compatible.

The key trend of 2011 was increase in traffic to websites from mobiles, with all the big brands launching smartphone and tablet friendly sites. It might not be necessary, do you even know? If your visitors are using smartphones or tablets, do you need to consider how you are presenting yourself to them?

We don’t sell things you don’t need, Phew works with our clients to review where you are, where you want to get to and work with our clients to bridge the gap, delivering solution that are fit for purpose.

If you fit into any of the above groups, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact a member of the sales team on +44(0) 1234 779 050 or email to hear how we can improve your digital communications.

Over and out. 

16th January, 2012 | Consultancy

About Rebecca

With a strong passion for digital marketing, Rebecca is our resident content marketer, specialising in social media, email marketing, blogging and our very successful how-to guides. When she's not working on our marketing, she's supporting customers with theirs, assisting them with getting a better return on investment and making sure they're bang up to date with the latest tools from Digital Marketing.

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