Biggest changes in social media in the last 3 months and what you need to do to keep up

Biggest changes in social media in the last 3 months and what you need to do to keep up

The only assurance we have in the ever changing world of social media is that nothing stays the same for long. Tactics that worked brilliantly in 2012 just may not cut it in 2014. If you are updating your social media strategy and wondering how to stay on top of the game, read on to … [Read More]

2nd April, 2014 | Digital Marketing, Social Media
How to build your audience on social media

How to build your audience on social media

Social media has transformed the way that we interact with our customers and target audience. Britons spend a phenomenal 62 million hours a day on social media – equivalent to one hour for every adult and child living in the UK. With these kinds of statistics, it’s clear that building your audience on social media … [Read More]

24th February, 2014 | How to, Social Media
10 things to check before you start driving customers to your website

10 things to check before you start driving customers to your website

If your website is ready to go live, then congratulations! This is an exciting time for the development of your business – high quality and professional looking websites are a vital tool for successful digital marketing. But before you go for the big launch, take a minute to run through our checklist and make 100% … [Read More]

| Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development

How Gareth Bale highlighted the importance of Social Media.

Social Media has become more and more relevant for B2B and B2C organisations, integrating itself as a major aspect of the overall digital marketing mix. This was truly highlighted on 1st September when Tottenham Hotspur announced the news that Gareth Bale was leaving for Real Madrid on their Twitter page before they confirmed it on … [Read More]

12th September, 2013 | Digital Marketing, Social Media

Say hello to Google Authorship!

Introduction It’s been flying around the digital marketing industry for quite some time, but it seems Google Authorship is now becoming a must-have for all businesses who are interested in achieving results from their content. You may have noticed that when performing a search using Google, some of the results now appear with an image … [Read More]

9th September, 2013 | Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

How to: Create engaging Facebook Content

5 tips to help you create Facebook content that wins new customers.  Introduction With the continued growth and innovation of Facebook, it’s now much more attractive as a medium for attracting and engaging with customers and other stakeholders. This applies to B2B organisations too. However, many organisations seem to be forgetting the main purpose of … [Read More]

6th September, 2013 | Digital Marketing, How to, Social Media

How important is a digital marketing strategy?

5 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy.

23rd August, 2013 | Digital Marketing, Strategy & Analysis

Is your website Smartphone ready?

Find out with a free capability audit from Phew.

16th August, 2013 | Consultancy, Mobile

Whitepaper: The Humble Statistic

Achieving and sustaining measurable success with digital marketing, thanks to the humble statistic.  Your website is one of most important marketing tools you have available. A key differentiator of today’s website, compared with more traditional ways of finding and acting on information, is immediacy. Your stakeholders (prospects, customers, suppliers) browse the web seeking solutions to issues they … [Read More]

9th August, 2013 | Consultancy, Strategy & Analysis