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Do you know where your callers are coming from?

So you have your Google Analytics in place, you have platforms such as Lead Forensics letting you know which companies visit your site, but how do you know where your callers are coming from? Not only this, but also what that caller was up to on your website before and after they spoke to you? … [Read More]

19th January, 2016 | Client, Research, Services, Strategy & Analysis

Service Spotlight: Social Media

Need some tips on enhancing your business’s social media accounts? We have it covered… There is no escaping social media any more, it is everywhere; accessed by billions of people daily across a number of different devices. So we thought we would give you some key tips on how to utilise it for your business, and advice on what … [Read More]

12th January, 2016 | Client, Digital Marketing, How to, Social Media

Kickstart your 2016 with Phew Internet

 As the new year starts, we at Phew Internet want to let you know how we can help you make the most of 2016. As part of our promise to deliver exceptional work to help our clients realise their business’ full potential, we believe it is important to tell you what this actually involves and who … [Read More]

5th January, 2016 | Client, Digital Marketing, Phew news, Services

Phew Predictions: 2016’s marketing trends

As we approach the end of the year we look towards the future and make our predictions about the biggest trends for 2016 for online marketing and how you can utilise them. 2015 saw a surge in online marketing, with a 357% increase in social traffic, mobile overtaking laptops and PCs for internet traffic and the … [Read More]

15th December, 2015 | Digital Marketing, eMarketing, Mobile, Web Design & Development

Implementing and managing your digital campaign

In this penultimate instalment of our ‘How-to: digital’ series on campaign planning, Phew Internet’s Jazmine Brace talks digital implementation and management. So you have your digital objectives, your outlined budget and have planned your campaign. Now it’s time to implement those plans. Something to be aware of throughout this process is that things don’t always go … [Read More]

4th December, 2015 | Digital Marketing, How to, Internet Services, Search Engine Optimisation
The Bennie group thumbnail

Helping The Bennie Group and its eight divisions align and coordinate its digital strategy

The first Bennie business, set up over 75 years ago, has remained true to its family-run values, and its long-term partnership with Phew Internet has been a good match. Context The Bennie Group was set up in 1939 and is now run by a third generation of the Bennie family.  Comprising of seven B2B and … [Read More]

17th November, 2015 | Client, Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Internet Services, Mobile, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design & Development

New digital solution launched exclusively for Safeguarding Boards

Sussex Child Protection Procedures is the first client to go live We currently advise and develop new websites for 12 Local Safeguarding Children & Adult Boards clients.  If you’ve not familiar with what the Boards do, each is made up of statutory and voluntary partners, representatives from Health, Children’s or Adult’s Services, Police, Probation, the … [Read More]

28th October, 2015 | Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Phew news, Safeguarding, Strategy & Analysis, Support and training, Web Design & Development

A day in the life of…Helen Readdy, Account Executive at Phew Internet

I think it’s always good to learn more about the team that support Phew’s clients.  Recently I asked Helen Readdy, Account Executive, to tell me a little more about herself and what she does all day, everyday! Q. Tell me about your role at Phew… A. I work on a handful of client accounts at Phew, covering projects … [Read More]

15th October, 2015 | Client, Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Phew news, The Phew Team

Website links in 2015: science and strategy, not magic

The business of link-building (or as we like to call it, link acquisition) is part of the SEO and wider online marketing mix.  It’s generated some pretty negative press over recent years until Google’s algorithm and checks became even more sophisticated.  Individuals and brands were engaging in legitimate, but not very useful practices on a … [Read More]

6th October, 2015 | Consultancy, Digital Marketing, How to, Search Engine Optimisation, Strategy & Analysis
Ashe website

Delivering a cohesive digital presence for Ashe Construction

The long-term partnership between Ashe and Phew Internet delivers a cohesive digital presence for the exciting construction company. It manages commercial design and build of public and private sector buildings and has been one of Phew’s valued clients since 2006. Context For construction business Ashe, the company website is the primary shop window which can … [Read More]

21st September, 2015 | Client, Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Strategy & Analysis, Support and training, Web Design & Development

Social media life hacks

The web is full of plenty of really useful and not so useful ‘at-a-glance’ content like infographics and gifs with ‘hacks’ to make your life easier. Every once in a while one of those comes along which we bookmark and then just have to share! This infographic covers some extremely handy features for facebook, twitter, … [Read More]

18th September, 2015 | How to, Social Media

Enticing the right kind of crowds

It’s the question that every person or business with a website asks themselves most often – how do I generate more unique visits to my website?  And just as often, that question then starts them on a journey to understanding more about how a website can help build their business. But back to the question… Matt … [Read More]

14th September, 2015 | Client, Digital Marketing, How to, Search Engine Optimisation, Support and training