Successful online marketing is more than just effective SEO.

Successful online marketing is more than just effective SEO.

These days, an effective, well-considered online marketing strategy is no longer just about best practice in search engine optimisation. One reports on where the focus has shifted. As the mathematical formulae behind Google’s search engine, grow ever more complex, search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, such as placing key search terms in web copy, will no … [Read More]

21st October, 2014 | Client, Digital Marketing, eMarketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing: Engaging customers for the long term

Introduction – Content Marketing We’re all familiar with website content that blasts out the virtues of the selling company and lists countless features and benefits of buying from them. But does this really work? Perhaps in the short term, but these companies focus on themselves rather than the needs and interests of their customers so … [Read More]

25th June, 2013 | Consultancy, Digital Marketing, eMarketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

Enhance client relationships with eMarketing

Introduction Building on existing client relationships is an excellent way to generate additional income for your business; existing customers have already brought from you, they already like you and most importantly, they already trust you. However, too many businesses focus all of their marketing effort on generating new customers at the expense of taking care … [Read More]

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DIY Website Phew

DIY Websites

“Create a website for your business in minutes” “Create your website in 3 easy steps” “Pay just £9.99 a month for a fully functional website”. Whether you are watching the telly, checking your inbox or listening to the radio, there are adverts everywhere about cheap DIY websites. The phrases at the top of the page … [Read More]

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Google Analytics Digital Marketing

Updates to Google Analytics show key movements in Digital Marketing…

We love Google analytics; Google’s tool for recording, reporting and analysing your website visitors inside leg measurements! They always, without fail, keep innovating and have a new tool that will make reporting activity on our clients’ websites easier and more detailed than ever. Google are in the process of launching a new version of Analytics. … [Read More]

8th December, 2011 | eMarketing, Internet Services, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media