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Is your website mobile-friendly? Google’s releases new algorithm.

In response to the continued growth of mobile and tablet usage, on 21 April Google is releasing its new ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm. Google’s main aim is to achieve the best possible search experience for users. In short, mobile-friendly sites – fully responsive and mobile specific – will be given priority in mobile search rankings. This, in … [Read More]

16th April, 2015 | Apps, Digital Marketing, Mobile, Mobile Sites, Phew news, Research, Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design & Development

Discover the data behind your website traffic

Phew can help you turn your web traffic into sales.  By identifying visitors and analysing their page views your sales team can focus time more effectively on converting hot leads into sales.  The data includes essential contact information including company name, address and telephone number plus industry, turnover and employee numbers data enabling you to personalisation … [Read More]

13th March, 2015 | Digital Marketing, Internet Services, Services, Strategy & Analysis, Web Design & Development
Why you need a mobile optimised website

Why you need a mobile optimised website

In the ever changing world of digital marketing, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game. While many websites have great layout and content when viewed on desktop PCs or laptops, a high proportion still haven’t focused on mobile optimisation despite the 1.2 billion people estimated to access the web through their mobile devices. Read … [Read More]

11th July, 2014 | Digital Marketing, Mobile, Web Design & Development
How to know if your website is working for you rather than against you

How to know if your website is working for you rather than against you

We all know that a website is a fundamental part of any successful digital marketing strategy, but once the site is built and launched, many companies are still unsure how to tell if it’s effectively promoting your brand and business. Read on to find out how to be sure that your website is working for … [Read More]

12th June, 2014 | Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development
10 things to check before you start driving customers to your website

10 things to check before you start driving customers to your website

If your website is ready to go live, then congratulations! This is an exciting time for the development of your business – high quality and professional looking websites are a vital tool for successful digital marketing. But before you go for the big launch, take a minute to run through our checklist and make 100% … [Read More]

24th February, 2014 | Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development

We’re asking: how often do you review your website?

For some companies their website represents a pivotal cog in their marketing strategy, designed to promote and sell their products and services whereas for others it is simply an on-line business card. We’d like to know how often companies review and amend their website. We’d be grateful if you’d take just a few seconds to … [Read More]

9th July, 2013 | Digital Marketing, Research, Web Design & Development
Luton & Dunstable Hospital - thumb

Case study: rapid access to clear information

You receive a great experience when you attend L&D in person, now it’s the same when you visit their new website. Launch // April 2013Website // http://www.ldh.nhs.uk/Full Case Study // Luton and Dunstable Case Study ClientThe Luton and Dunstable University Hospital is a medium-size, general hospital run by the National Health Service in Luton, Bedfordshire. ChallengeLuton … [Read More]

14th June, 2013 | Client, Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Internet Services, Strategy & Analysis, Web Design & Development

Case study: Reinforcing customer service quality

Berrys add value to your property; we’ve added value to their business. Launch // April 2013Website // http://www.berrybros.com/PDF // Berrys case study ClientBerrys is a leading firm of chartered surveyors and valuers, property and business consultants and chartered town planners. Combining traditional values, local knowledge and modern technology, they deliver a quality of service designed … [Read More]

12th June, 2013 | Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Strategy & Analysis, Support and training, Web Design & Development